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Shipping Charges

1.     All Uurukadai orders consists of a RM 35 Flat Shipping Rate which covers the first   2 KGs of the Order. 

2.    If an Order weighs more than 2 KG, additional payment will be required

3.     Every additional 1 KG will cost RM 28.86

4.    An additional payment link will be Emailed to you upon weighing the product. Weighed product will be rounded off to the next highest KG.

5.    An additional payment Email will be sent in 2 separate instances :

-          Upon processing the Order if the product weight is available in the product description. An additional payment Email will be sent requesting for payment.

-          Upon receiving the Order the product is weighed and an additional payment Email will be sent containing an image of your packaged product together with its weight.

6.   A packaged Order will be stored for a maximum of 30 Days if the additional weight charges are not paid

7.    If the additional charges are not paid within 30 Days the product will be discarded and the amount paid for the Order will not be refunded.

     These charges are only applicable to deliveries within Malaysia, delivery charges to other countries are subjective to the location of the country and its total weight.